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AI powered trainer

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Core features

Personal training

Making a plan for each workout, the application analyzes all previous ones. AI-algorithm takes into account the intensity, duration, individual complexity and other factors.

Really smart voice

Smart voice assistant analyzes all your movements, controls a training process, warns if you do exercises incorrectly, cheers and shares useful statistics during workouts.

Accurate repetition

Vivafit counts repetitions during workouts. For example, imagine you are doing exercises and the app is saying "One, two, three...". No magic, just technologies.

How it works

  • Start any workout according to the desired difficulty degree.
  • Stand a device on the floor (or on a special stand) so that the front camera sees your whole body.
  • Look at an example of how the exercise is done, and then start to train.
  • During a workout, artificial intelligence analyzes all your movements, notices if you do something wrong, counts repetitions and says when to finish or go to the next exercise.
  • Then Vivafit analyzes obtained data and uses it to correct a personal training plan.
  • After several workouts, Vivafit will accurately choose the right load specifically for you, find out which exercises bring maximum efficiency, advise various nutrition programs and many more.

Vital reports

Detailed graphical reports helps to monitor your workout progress. Vivafit tracks the dynamics of various parameters, such as weight, calories burned, intensity and much more. If some of the parameters rises too fast or, on the contrary, slows down, AI-algorithm warns you and gives an appropriate advice.

Try your personal
AI powered trainer